A Journey Into Instrumental Metal


I have been listening to Metal music from early Trash to Death and by Jazz Fusion to Djent. During this journey i discovered my appetite for instrumental as i mainly listen to music while in the public transport or at work. Vocals are to disturbing to focus. I’m currently into Instrumental Djent, a small subgenre. Metal is so vaste it is always difficult to find folks who share the exact same tastes. I finally met a colleague who share them and it is the occasion to write down where i come from and expose my favorites tracks along with related bands.

If you want to have a full picture of my learning, you can give a try to this prog / instrumental playlist gathered over the years just right here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyIyndarmCFe6dKIWGTcOZJnNQxWB2W2l

I’m fan of subgenres, it is always a good laugh even with the « Vegetarian Progressive GrindCore » 😀

Happy Birthday Tiago and thanks for giving me the opportunity to write my first english article ever =) Why not having a Old Cuban Cocktail before digging into this adventure?

The basics

Trash Instrumental

I was initiated by my older brother to Metal with Metallica, world famous Trash band. Nothing to present here, you know them by heart, don’t you?

Pulling Teeth is a master piece, Cliff Burton bass player using Heavy distorsion together with Wah-Wah and Tapping.

From Trash to Trash / Death

What? But this one ain’t Metal at all! And this is where this magical and epic Journey begins, as my wife used to say « You are a lover », of course i am! Instrumental Metal isn’t about extreme heavy madness, it is about FUSION. From there unlimited possibilities are available! Yeah!

From Trash / Death to Death

From Death to Progressive Trash Death

With the introduction of keyboard there is a kind of Industrial genre also in there, this band comes from Italia!

From Progressive Trash Death to Technical Death Metal

As fan of Death Band (Chuck Schuldiner), Cynic was my next move with former members Sean Reinart and Paul Masvidal, problably the song i have heard the most! Pure Jazz Progressive Death Metal.

Carcariass [FR]! It looks like they are back on the scene, i’m so excited!! It is a french band from the mid-90s with both vocal and instrumental songs, the one below is definitely my favorite with its melodic solo.

From Technical Death Metal to Extreme Metal

Short notice because this one is not reprensentative at all, but i’m french and i thought there were worth to mention.

Even harder?!

In case you hadn’t enough and because it is funny to demonstrate how groovy a really heavy song might be.

From… whatever =) to Progressive Instrumental

I swear! I swear! Back in 1999, with a Heavy / Death background, i would diss on bands like Dream Theather with these « Instrument’s Heroes », too much chorus, but never say never, Liquid Tension Experiment (LTE if you prefer) is THE BAND that definitely turned me in to instrumental.

Gordian knot, founded by bassist player Sean Malone, bassist of Cynic after the former one left is amazing in this genre. Two albums that deserve to be listen at least once if you like progressive rock / metal, obviously because Sean Reinert was behind the drums on the first album. As an extra that will follow the ligne Death to Cynic to Gordian Knot, you should give a ear to the following one that will be the exception of this journey because it contains vocals:

Metal Jazz Fusion

Former members of Cynic mixing Jazz and Progressive Metal.

Djent you said? Nah, give me Djont!


Thanks to SteveT we now have a proper definition for this very sub-genre that i am mad at – « Djent, pronounciation: Deeeuuuh-jent »:

And don’t forget to give a look at this earlier definition:

Now we are aligned, straight to the point! Djentmental!

Early stages

Gru is a Polish artist who wrote and produced this album alone, maybe my prefered artist when it comes to Djent, he was the first one who make me wanted to know more about. Sadly no further release is planned.

Intervals come front Toronto, Canada. They confirmed my appetite for the genre.

This one is a Playthrough, so heavy! And while we are in the heavyness:

Ok Ok, i know what you are thinking, where is Animals As Leader, Major Djent band who are in the front of the Instrumental scene? Here they are, CAFO is Level A:

I love all the songs listed here and i give a lot of attention to this one, melody resonates deeply in my body, love it!

This kid needed to be mentionned, easy listening!

Plini! Interesting artist from Australia actually touring with AAL and Intervals (I missed went they were giging in Paris last summer, ARRRRGH):

Along with his mates from The Helix Nebula:

And the final word is for Sithu Aye Feat Plini:

Special Mention: CloudKicker

CloudKicker is a bit particular in the approach and the structures with his long tracks mixing lounge and heavy djenty parts. It is not that easy to extract a song in particular, the album is somehow continuous and should be listen in its entire, take care the first songs really starts after two minutes:

I hope you will enjoy and share with me what i would have missed =)


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